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Book Now for your mastering project. Whether it be a singleEp or full album, I'm experienced in most genres and looking forward to creatively collaborating with you. My goal when you book me is to facilitate your ideas and get them accuratelyeffectively and efficiently onto a record.

This year, for me, marks 20 years of making records in pro recording studios.

The most important thing for me is that your record reaches it's full potential despite whatever boundaries and limitations you're up against.


Let's chat now about how we can fulfil your expectations

  • Optimum Playback Processing
  • All Media Vinyl, CD, DDPi, Flac, iTunes
  • Audiophile & Standard Loudness
  • Publishing Licence & Meta Embedding

By booking me to master your music, here’s what you will be getting

  • Audio processing for optimum playback performance
  • Final sound-check & problem solving before production
  • Preparation for vinyl pressing
  • DDP image & PQ generation for CD pressing
  • Mastered-for-iTunes Lossless
  • Flac & Mp3 digital files
  • Publishing licence & Meta data embedding
  • Audiophile & industry loudness Wav masters
  • Use of my digital & analogue custom equipment
  • You will finish with a release ready Single, EP or full length album
  • Budget & location friendly, small contract that keeps us all happy and inline with our expectations
  • Your happiness Guaranteed


Message me now and let's press this to disc!



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