2 decades of pro audio experience.

Jason Sanderson


Say hello to Jason Sanderson, developing his craft in recording studios since ’97! He’s all about chasing that top-notch sound, geeking out on studio design, tinkering with fancy audio gear, and spinning vinyl like it’s still the 80’s. 

Oh, and Jason Also founded the successful media agency PodcastTech.com

Some Old Bullshizzle!


I kicked off my journey as a Tea Boy in a local recording studio. As time rolled on, I shifted from assisting sessions to sitting in the captain’s chair, engineering and producing my own sessions.


I took a leap into entrepreneurship, owning my own recording studio. It quickly transformed into a hub for producing globally recognized bands and artists. It was an endless party and a revolving door of the punk rock underworld – so much fun was packed into those years!


Due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to bid farewell to my studio space. Undeterred, I embarked on an ambitious journey to build a new studio in a late 1800s church building I’d just acquired. The dream? Transform it into a high-end flagship residential studio. For three years, I poured my heart into the renovation. Sadly, budget constraints hit hard and despite my best efforts, I had to let go of a dream of a lifetime.


In the midst of that challenge, I knew I had to pivot for a new source of income. Immersed in a podcast-listening, I began offering my engineering skills to a few shows. One notable show was with Jordan Harbinger, where the subscriber count soared from 40,000 to around 4 million within a year. This unexpected turn not only got me through the door but opened up new possibilities to monetize my skill set.


Over a decade later, I’ve cultivated a thriving media agency – Podcast Tech Ltd. This venture not only provides a fantastic quality of life but also affords me the freedom to travel the world and reside outside the UK for most of the year. It’s been quite the ride!


I still love making records though, it’s my true passion and happy to chat with you about being involved in your project should you wish to get in touch. My chops have only grown stronger with added skills in studio design and making my own audio equipment. The drive to create killer records is still alive and kicking. Let’s team up on something cool!

Compounding that 1% better…


To passionately engage in the worlds of music, podcasting and audio design, leveraging my expertise and experience. To collaborate on projects that fuse creativity, exceptional sound, and a touch of artistry.


Make an impact, whether crafting records or leading in the podcasting world. That it’s all done while fostering a dynamic and fulfilling creative journey. One that is full of relationships that mean as much to us in decades as they do today while our work is active.


Why Me?
I leave no stone unturned in meticulously crafting stuff, ensuring that each project I take on reflects the pinnacle of quality. I pride myself on eliminating the challenges from your journey, ensuring that your creative feet are never stood on along the way. My focus lies in the nuances and detail of a quality product. I have an obsessive level of detail that sets my work apart from others.

Let’s talk about your project

I’m here to bring to life the record you envision—one that people can truly believe in.

No project is too big or small; we’ve seen and heard it all. More importantly, we understand your journey and capture it!