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Making records for underdogs since 1997. Over 1000 recordings, mixed and mastered sessions in the can. Here’s some of our favorite clients over the last 2 decades.

Recent Releases

Toronto Blessings – ‘Big Wins’

Recorded / Mixed / Mastered

Abrasive hooks and monotonous beats. Amidst the pounding noise, find synths plucked from Depeche Mode’s tour rack, maybe it’s guitar, who knows? Picture The Pixies on acid during the loud quiet moments, and imagine Robert Smith joining Daughters in a vocal fusion.

Servers – ‘The Vertical Plane’


Twists akin to Mastodon and a weight to rival an elephant, enough to make your ears feel as extinct as a Mammoth. Infused with the dark pop melodies of Killing Joke, each song takes you on a never-ending lift. It’s a hard-hitting, heavy, and incredibly rewarding journey through this record.

The Bridesmaid – ‘By The Way…’

Recorded / Mixed / Mastered

James Saddington, the infamous force behind EastStrikeWest, turned into a one-man band. Imagine if Gorillaz took a melancholic detour into a heavy tuned-down goth orchestra. A musical odesy where solo artistry wears the mask of a gloomy ensemble.

Happy Clients

I take huge pride in creating long standing relationships with all the clients I work for. It’s my every hope that you’ll enjoy working with me as much as I will enjoy making your record. I’m here to make making record easy!

“It feels natural and relaxed”

“It’s a shame Jason’s not making more records or gaining more recognition than he does, because he’s so fffking good at it.

I’ve learned so much from him during the time I assisted him. His mentorship in production and engineering has been more impactful than my entire university experience.”

Tom Prendergast

Bury Tomorrow / Tim Butane / Solo / TV Scoring

It rips your face off!

“Most people bury the guitars behind the vocals and drums,

I like loud guitars, wow this is a guitar mix, love it!”

Ginger Wildheart

The Wildhearts / Mutation / Solo

We’ve shared some sick times together

“I’m really proud of those early records, I think Jason did a great job of capturing what the band was at that time. He’s such a sweet guy too”

James Spence

Rolo Tomassi

I fricking love that dude!

Jason just really got us. I have no idea how we pulled it off cause things were pretty crazy for us back then, it sounded just what we wanted, I think Jason had a lot to do with that.

Scott Sorry

Sorry & The Sinatras / The Wildhearts

Have a Listen

‘Fofteen’ – ‘Hysterics’ Album

Rolo Tomassi

‘Ex Luna Scientia’ – ‘Astraea’ Album

Rolo Tomassi

‘Yes, Have Some’ – ‘Ideas’ Album

Hawk Eyes

‘Do You’ – ‘The Year of the Fanclub’ Album

Ginger Wildheart

‘TenByTwoByFour’ – ‘Sans Souci’ Album


‘Dusk’ – ‘Beyond Hurt Beyond Hell’ Album

The Legacy

‘Hated Heart’ – ‘Highball Roller’ Album

Sorry and the Sinatras

‘Spectrum’ – ‘No Moon’ Album

Body Hound

‘Ball & Chain’ – ‘Black Summer’ Album

The Plight

We’ve Had the Honour to Work With…

3 Movements
65 Days of Static
7 Crowns
Adam Howath
Back Yard Burners
Bear Trade
Black China Dolls
Black Mass
Broken Few
Catch it Kebabs
Daniel Huddleston
Dark Horse
Data Select Party
Death Hand Approaching
Die Emergency
East Strike West

Elias Last Day
Emily Warton
End to Empires
Explorers Society
Favourite Shades
Frank Grimes & The Disasters
Freezing Fog
G.U. Medicine
GInger Wildheart
Godzilla Black
Graham Lindley
Grand March
Hawk Eyes
History of the Hawk
The Hosts
Humble Hoax
James Warton
JD & The FDC’s
Jon Jones and the Beatnik Movement
Lives at Sea
Massacre On Broadway
Model Railway Society
More Than a Joke
Mortal Vessels
No Coast
Palace Watson
Pine Barrens

Pure Graft
Redmist Destruction
Richard Kitson
Rolo Tomassi
Rosa Valle
Secta Rouge
Send More Paramedics
Seven Crowns
Shaped By Fate
Simon Kaviani
Sorry & The Sinatras
Soul Fracture
Steel Trees
Strawberry Jack
Surf Jazz
The Blackrays
The Bridesmaid
The Ergon Carousel
The Legacy
The Life Aqautic Band
The Lock & Keys
The Mighty Vipers
The Mirarmar Disaster
The Model Railway Exibition
The Plight
The Welcome Comittee
Tim Butane (ft mbrs Bury Tomorow)
Toronto Blessings
We Die Smiling
We Keep This City Running
Whores Whores Whores

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