Jason Sanderson

Music Production, Studio Design & Electronic Dodads.

Bands & Artists

Making records for underdogs since 1997. Over 1000 recordings, mixed and mastered sessions in the can. Here’s some of our favorite clients over the last 2 decades.

About Me

Say hello to Jason Sanderson, the audio wizard who’s been developing his craft in recording studios since ’97!

He’s all about chasing that top-notch sound, geeking out on studio design, tinkering with fancy audio gear, and spinning vinyl like it’s still the 80’s. 

Oh, and Jason Also founded the successful media agency PodcastTech.com



Bands & Artists

500 +



Vinyl Pressings


Years Experience

Have a Listen

‘Fofteen’ – ‘Hysterics’ Album

Rolo Tomassi

‘Ex Luna Scientia’ – ‘Astraea’ Album

Rolo Tomassi

‘Yes, Have Some’ – ‘Ideas’ Album

Hawk Eyes

‘Do You’ – ‘The Year of the Fanclub’ Album

Ginger Wildheart

‘TenByTwoByFour’ – ‘Sans Souci’ Album


‘Dusk’ – ‘Beyond Hurt Beyond Hell’ Album

The Legacy

‘Hated Heart’ – ‘Highball Roller’ Album

Sorry and the Sinatras

‘Spectrum’ – ‘No Moon’ Album

Body Hound

‘Ball & Chain’ – ‘Black Summer’ Album

The Plight


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No project is too big or small; we’ve seen and heard it all. More importantly, we understand your journey and capture it!