Losing Clients, Remixing Records, and Remembering Jonny

How do, friends!?

So, this month, I had a bit of a roller coaster ride in my business journey. I lost a pretty significant client. I won’t spill the beans on who because, well, professionalism and all that. But I figured, why not turn this setback into a learning experience we can all benefit from?

Take It on the Chin: A Guide to Business Resilience

It can be pretty frustrating losing a job or client, it’s tempting to let emotions run rampant and fire off a fiery response either in a grasping attempt of defence or telling that person where to shove their head. Don’t! 

Now, when I got the news, I was gutted. Like, stomach-drop, gutted. But rather than getting my knickers in a twist, I took the time to really understand where they were coming from, what led to this decision, and how I could use this experience to grow and evolve. 


So, my client’s philosophy was all about breaking out of repetitive cycles that aren’t working. You know that saying – “’doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results… something, something – idiot ”? 

Honestly, most successful people live and breathe this mantra, so I don’t blame him for shaking things up. I have to remember that I got hired in the first place on the premise of over fulfilling my predecessor’s shortcomings. Which got me really analysing where I was falling short for him. 

Finding Teachable Moments in Business Challenges

Despite my best efforts, the show wasn’t hitting the growth targets. In fact, it was shedding listeners faster than my mum’s dog’s winter coats right about now. My client did shake off the entire team and also mentioned how happy he was with what I’d brought to the show, so I’m kinda confident that not all of this was on me, I still had to own up to what I did have control over. 

Here’s a quick cheat sheet.

  • Take a breath and respond later with a clear head.
  • Put yourself in the other person’s shoes for a different view.
  • Own up to your part in the situation.
  • Make an extra effort to fulfil any remaining obligations.
  • Exit gracefully, leaving on a positive and professional note.
  • Reframe the situation positively.
  • Dive into your newfound free time and explore new opportunities.

I won’t bore you with the laundry list of my shortcomings, but me not being a marketing whizz, I was definitely not taking as much of an active role in the growth of the show and I was for sure taking for granted that work would continually keep coming my way regardless.

Another important thing for my own sanity has been found in the power of a good reframe. It’s the saving grace in times of turmoil. It’s been super important for me to explore the positive possibilities this loss allows me. With my schedule now a bit more open, I’m excited to tackle the projects and activities that have been on my to-do list for ages.

I Promised I’d Start Making More of My Own Content…


I’ve started to put together a new Youtube channel that I think will be my best attempt yet, as it’s something I genuinely do care about. And hope it will show!

It will be dedicated to exploring my extensive archive of past recordings. Many of these records are from bands that are no longer active, some with members who have since become relatively famous. Since much of this music isn’t available on streaming platforms, I plan to remix and remaster these tracks to bring them up to modern standards, showcasing how much better I can do this now. 


Along the way, I’ll invite former band members to collaborate and share behind-the-scenes stories in a podcast format. I’ll also share a bit about my story and the huge setbacks in my recording career and how others can navigate business a little better. I’ll continue documenting new sessions and inviting viewers into the studio with me. Additionally, I’ll delve into studio gear and share my unorthodox techniques, along with discussing the current state of the music industry and my tiny place in it. More to come…

Adding All the Bells and Whistles.

This month, I collaborated with my friend Daniel Huddlestone on mixing an EP he produced for a band called Web. The record has a unique, angular sound that may be jarring to some but is incredibly catchy and musical. With speech-like vocals reminiscent of Eiger or Black Midi over a grunge-inspired jazz misshape, it’s simultaneously both loose and complex. It could have easily fit on Holy Roar or 31G records 20 years ago. Plus they have a flute player to add to the weirdness. Will let you know when it’s out. 


I also mastered a track produced by my friend Ross Hooley for Adam Howarth, a former contestant on The Voice UK. The single, titled “I Need You,” is fantastic — Ross did an amazing job on it. With a hint of Joshua Tree guitar delay and the vintage vibes of my new/old 1974 Slingerland drum kit, It’s a solid indie pop track for fans of Kings of Leon that deserves some recognition. I hope it does well. Out 7th April.

Returning to the Throne

We’ve been back in the rehearsal room with Toronto Blessings, gearing up for some upcoming springtime shows on April 7th in Wakefield, May 3rd & 5th in Derby & Sunderland. If you’re in the area, come watch me smash up a drum kit as we pierce people’s ears with noise. Also, during our rehearsals, we wrote a new song, marking my first time contributing to the band’s songwriting process. I’ve obviously produced many recordings with them over the years but this is the first bit of writing with me in the band.


With Massive Respect to a Friend Lost.

Finally It was heartbreaking to say farewell to Mr Jonny Saville, who passed away in the early hours of Sunday, March 10th. Despite being diagnosed with stage three esophageal cancer in 2018 and given a grim prognosis, it finally spreading to his lungs and liver, Jonny fought like the champion that he was, defying the odds and battling the disease for 6 years more than the doctor gave him permission to – until this past weekend ????


Jonny was a pillar of the DIY punk/hardcore scene in the naughties, putting on countless shows in Huddersfield. He was at so many Errander shows that we played, known for his naked stage dives and unmatched drinking prowess. I even mixed a record for him back in the early days, ‘The New Jonny Saville Mystery Project.’ Now, I’ll have to dig that up from my archive. Jonny, you were the real deal—a genuine, hilarious, and unforgettable person. Rest easy pal. Tears are being had all across the community this week. 


With that I really appreciate you for reading this. You lot are the best! Be good to one another, and let’s chat next month!