Brace For Impact – All Updates Failed Video

Morning beautiful people. Here’s something to ruin your day, or at least your eyes and ears. Toronto Blessings released ‘All Updates Failed’ today along with our mind-bending video on YouTube. The track is taken from our album ‘Big Wins’ available now. 


The video was an absolute blast to make. We filmed in front of a green screen and used glass prisms and cubes in front of the lens to distort the visuals. It was a deliberate choice to rely more on practical effects rather than digital wizardry, and I believe it paid off. We also filmed a lava lamp and blended over the top of the madness. Apart from some basic post-production work like keying out the green screen, colour grading, and a few AI art shots, we kept it raw and unfiltered, capturing exactly what was in front of the camera. Overall, we’re thrilled with how it turned out.


Afterward, I crafted several teaser clips for social media, you might have seen a bunch over the last few weeks. Making fun ones like a Windows XP system crashing, ‘80’s Short Circuit’s Johnny 5 going rogue and a mashup of the A-Team combatting a second Y2K bug scare. If they only made me smile I’m ok with that. 


Anyways please go check us out on YouTube right now. 

Also if you want to see us live we are playing these dates

  • 3rd May – Dubrek – Derby
  • 5th May – The Museum – Sunderland
  • 8th June – Chapel – Middlesbrough

The Album Big Wins was released last year and is available on Vinyl, CD and all good & bad streaming platforms – phenomenal people would buy the Ltd Edition Orange 12″ Vinyl

for a bargain £15, sack off Spotify at that price… I know you’re a lovely person, wink, nudge!


Get the album ‘Big Wins’ the album Bandcamp

Also there’s a B-side – Distorted Glass that we recorded during the Big Wins Sessions. Woohoo and extra track you’ve not yet listened to. Enjoy the tinnitus.


Thanks everyone for your support, you really are a lovely bunch!