D.I.Y. Audio

In the good old days, an audio engineer was an ‘engineer’. Someone who knew each & every component and could follow a schematic like navigating a map. I strive to embody that tradition. I love getting under the hood, building & modding for perfection. More.

Bucking the trend: Why building gear, despite its cost, is my sonic advantage.

I’ve always been into saving money. I guess that’s why I got into building my own studio equipment. To save a few pennies. 

They say time is money,  when running a business, it’s more cost-effective to purchase off the shelf pre-built gear and get to work. However, it’s a concept I always wrestle with.

Constructing studio equipment demands considerable time and energy, yet has provided me with an invaluable education into the intricacies inside the tools I use daily. Tinkering here, adjusting there—each tweak yields different results.

In a world where digital audio projects often sound alike, I pass audio through my one-of-a-kind gear to achieve distinct results. Embracing the ‘unique’ is crucial for standing out—musical expression defines character!

By the time each piece is finished I’ve studied each circuit thoroughly, which ensures optimal performance. Surprisingly, building gear isn’t a cost saver at all — it’s as expensive as buying off the shelf. Yet, the priceless experience makes it all worthwhile.

Let’s talk about your project

I’m here to bring to life the record you envision—one that people can truly believe in.

No project is too big or small; we’ve seen and heard it all. More importantly, we understand your journey and capture it!