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With over a decade of experience in Recording Studio R&D, I’m experienced in transforming historical structures into modern, functional spaces and crafting unique but practical concepts. I believe in creating more than just a room – each design is a meticulously bespoke tool for the audio craftsman

Building Studios, Building Dreams: A Journey in Architecture

In August 2012 I bought a 19th-century Church in Crowle, UK, with the intention to create a recording studio. I would soon find the process of transforming historical buildings into modern, functional spaces can be challenging but incredibly rewarding.

In this case, It’s unfortunate that financial issues led me to sell the property before we fully finished the build. But undertaking such a major project provided me with valuable lessons and kickstarted my love for Architecture.
The roof was near collapse when we bought it, quickly exhausting our renovation budget. Engineering solutions, like floating concrete slabs for rooms overlooking mezzanine floors, all proved costly.

During the project, I immersed myself in learning architecture and acoustic design. Without a university background in architecture, I acquired the necessary knowledge to get the job done in the real world and successfully had my self-made plans approved by the local council within a few short years.

The process was demanding, yet it provided a valuable education in creating a top-notch studio. Contrary to common belief, designing a recording studio goes beyond equipment in a room, and involves considerations like room modes, airflow, isolation, comfort, and environmental impact.

My interest in architecture has persisted. I’m now equally adept in SketchUp as in any audio software. This proficiency has allowed me to design studios for others, including Hybrid Studios, Orion Studios, and the renowned SoundGas.

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