The Dabble Dispatch: Where Beats, Bytes, and Heartache Converge!

Hello Chums.

So after a solid decade producing music for underground bands and another 10 years in the podcasting and media agency game, I’ve decided it’s about time to toss my own hat into the content creation ring. Here’s the deal – a monthly newsletter, maybe a bi-weekly podcast and Youtube, and some random dabbling, Since dabbling with a little of everything is what I do best.

When it comes to New Years Resolutions I think it’s much more productive to build on what you did well in the previous year rather than throw the baby out with the bath water and aim for a new you. If anything, I’m digging the idea of looking back this time next year and seeing what I’ve done. I often feel like I’ve done so much stuff but at the end of the year I can’t remember most of it. So here goes an experiment that I hope you’ll join me on.

Getting Our House in Order!

We’ve just ditched the Beauty of Prague for a cosy house in Ostrava, Czech Republic. Nestled outside the gritty city amid a nature reserve, our new pad is all sorts of lovely. 

Now, I get it – Ostrava might not top everyone’s travel wishlist, especially when you’re coming from the picturesque city of Prague. But hey, I come from an ex mining town in the North of the UK, so I’m no stranger to these vibes. Here, it comes with added bleakness of being both a Post-Soviet and a Post-Industrial city, and the transport back to the UK is no joyride either. 

But you know what made it all worthwhile? Edith snagged an incredible job opportunity and I’m super proud of her. Plus, waking up to a jaw-dropping view every morning makes this a pretty awesome choice for a few years. A new chapter for us in Ostrava! For now! Come visit.

Adventures in Studio Sorcery and Bass Trap Alchemy! ?✨”

This year, one of my goals is to get back into music instead of only focusing on the podcast business. This time I’ll be honing in on mastering, leveraging my gear and skills, especially since I’m currently without a recording space. Keep an eye out for my upcoming website launch. I’d love to hear about your projects – let’s chat!

I’ve been having some fun tinkering around in Sketchup and Room EQ Wizard, playing architect with my studio space. It’s a cool-sized room (6/3.5/2.5m), similar to a Louden room ratio that promises to be pretty workable. I haven’t tested it out in the real world yet, but the simulations are super promising.

Already got the design for some corner bass traps, ready to tweak once I find time for getting the exact measurements. I’m thinking of throwing in a 0.9mm steel plate that should resonate and reduce the 60hz build up. Also using carbon pellets for a more broadband low frequency absorber. When I’ve built these, my control room game should be pretty reliable for mastering 


Jingle Bells and Vacuum Tubes: A Fairchild 670 Tale! ??

‘Twas the season for audio magic! ? Huge shoutout to Ondrej Pavelka for being the holiday hero and helping me put the finishing touches on my Fairchild 670 clone. Just in time for Christmas, we wrapped up this audio masterpiece build.

We’re going to be doing a little more tweaking with the valve selection so I created a new circuit board to fit a Tektronix Valve tester so we can do a little curve tracing experiment. Can’t wait to put it to good use when mixing and mastering.

Friends & Music

It was awesome getting to catch up with my good friend Chris Wolf from Creative activist company Wolf & Player this last few weeks. He gave me a way too kind gift for helping him mix and master his band; First There Will Be Fires recent album ‘Resistance’. He gave me this ruddy awesome Sigur Ros Ltd Edition 20th anniversary box set. It’s stunning! You can hear his record that I worked on here

From Tides to Tall Stories – New Waves with Old Buds

A Cocean Reunion is in the works! It’s been around 13 years since we crafted the album and about 8 years since we last hit the stage together. Jamie, Ross, and I have been casually putting together some new tunes over the past year. Since we never really gave our “Tell Tall Stories’ ‘ album the promotion it deserves, we’re thinking it might be rad to play those songs again and also work fresh ideas we’ve had into a Cocean revival. Out of all the music I ever made, that album still makes me super proud!

Check out our video for ‘Where the Lie Ends’ ??

Podcasting and a Million Dollar Weekend

We’ve expanded the Team at, there’s now 5 of us working on shows. Daniel Huddlestone, Liam Richardson, James Proud and Matt Elliss. As we step into the new year, my focus will start shifting towards bringing in new clients and conquering social media, while Dan seamlessly transitions into the Ops manager role. This exciting change translates to increased capacity, allowing us to take on more shows and amplify our business. If you’re considering starting a podcast this year, don’t hesitate to reach out – we’re ready to turn your podcast dreams into reality! ?️✨

Big shoutout to my client, Noah Kagan, for his new book, ‘Million Dollar Weekend‘! ? Noah, the brain behind AppSumo, ex-Facebook whiz, and the marketing maestro at, spills all the beans on how to skyrocket your business game.

He also hosts the massively successful OKDork YouTube and Podcast channels that we at produce for him.

Whether you’re launching a startup or just levelling up your game, this book helps you get there. Noah’s eyeing that best-sellers list, and trust me, he’s got the chops to claim it. Don’t miss out – hit up that pre-order for Million Dollar Weekend ??

Navigating the Holidays Through Heartache ??️

This Christmas definitely hit differently. Still grappling with an immense sense of loss and heartbreak, as we sorely miss my Dad. Sorry to friends and family we didn’t get to see over the holidays. Navigating this season without him has been tougher than words can express. 

We unexpectedly lost him to a sudden heart attack in November, and the shockwaves are still with us. To honour his memory, I put together a little eulogy video – a glimpse into the extraordinary person he was. Whether you know him or simply want to learn more, feel free to check it out. Sharing the love and memories helps us keep his spirit alive. ??

At the funeral we raised £560 for the British Heart Foundation

If anything it’s pushed me to do this newsletter, amongst other things I’ve been procrastinating on for too long. Connections are everything and this should give me a chance to stay connected to you. It’ll be once a month and I’m not gonna spam you. Tune in if you dig it, Ignore if you don’t. Hope you enjoyed the read!